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We have a studio dedicated to tracking artists, bands or voice overs using the very best in recording systems and microphones available our Prisim converters are the best analogue to digital conversion you can get! Not to metion the top of the line Neve and ISA Preamps. A.O.O Studios has a comfortable freindly environment. With highly experienced engineers on hand to help the sessions run smoothly Whether you are a budding musician or singer looking to record a quality professional tracks to get your first deal or, a signed artist/band looking to mix down your album, A.O.O Studios in the choice for you.


Our highly experienced engineers mix tracks from our studio or from other studios in our acoustically treated mix room. Using the very best A/D D/A conversion, ProTools software and fantastic plugs & outboard equiptment, including: SSL, API, Neve and Focusrite we can create mixes that easily compete with industry standards

  • We also provide an online mix service, The philosophy of iMixing Studio is simple; "quality commercially ready mixes delivered on a tight deadline". Not only this but with the ability to tweak until completely satisfied means that you also have a satisfaction guarantee for a great sounding record.
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What is Mastering? Well ever wondered why a mix straight from the studio doesn't have the volume, punch and or clarity? Well Mastering will solve that problem. Mastering is the final stage of any audio production, Our job is to ensure your recordings will sound great on all systems from car stereos, home Hi-Fis, Laptop speakers to radio broadcast and stand up to the volume of any commercial track around. We use the very best in high end monitoring and the essential A/D D/A conversion quality to achieve high standard professional results. Along with the most essential part the ears of great and experienced engineers.  Check out the list of satisfied customers. We also provide this service online so no matter where you are we can still do the master for you.