AOO Studios is a highly equipped recording studio based in Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire. If you are looking to book time in a studio, feel free to come down and check us out first. We offer unbeatable rates for a top quality session. If you are new to the process, our engineers will happily take you through everything you need to know. If you have recorded before then you will find everything you expect to find in an industry standard recording studio. We work with all artists from solo singers, rock bands to classical string section. Whatever your style, you will fit right in here at AOO.



Have a listen through our Soundcloud below to hear some recordings of the artists who have created amazing works at AOO Studios. There’s a nice mix of genres and artists here so you should get a good idea of the different sounds we can work with. These are some of our personal favourite tracks and we think you’ll agree that they all sound fantastic. The best thing to getting a great sound in the studio is having a great band – and we’ve worked with loads!

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